Thurston County supports gender discrimination

September 12th, 2011 by Ken

Thurston County, which owns the Thurston County Fairgrounds on Carpenter Road, has allowed a meeting which discriminates against men.

A group called “Day of Empowerment” has leased the fair grounds on September 30, for a day long event oriented towards women. But, even if they wanted to attend, men are not allowed.

I attempted to buy a ticket to the event only to be told the event was for women and I could buy a ticket for my wife.

The event is billed as a workshop to “deepen your learning and expand your awareness around your personal success plan.”

According to supporters of the event, the “Day of Empowerment” will have a dynamic keynote presentation and address relationship with money.

Gender discrimination is against the law in Thurston County. The Thurston County Fairgrounds is public property. No event which discriminates should be allowed to rent the facility. And, while the focus is on women, men should not be excluded, particularly when the event is held in a public facility paid for by men and women taxpayers.

(Additional Information) The days when women needed special services and special coaching has long since passed. Women make up 60 percent of all college students and 65 percent of all college students majoring in law and medicine. According to national census data, women aged 22-30, now make more money than males of the same age group, as much as eight percent more.

Women account for more than 40 percent of all new business start-ups and 26 percent of ALL married women make more than their male husbands.

During this current recession, men out-numbered women on unemployment by more than four times. The recession has hit male dominated jobs particularly hard, such as construction and manufacturing.

If anyone needed a special “Day of Empowerment” it should be young men.

The idea that women need “special” help has long since passed.

Thurston County should not allow events which discriminate, even if it is against males, to be held at county facilities.

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