Private union workers right to strike

September 9th, 2011 by Ken

Strikes and demonstrations by private union workers in Longview and Seattle prove that unions are still strong and still able to protect their workers.

Striking longshoremen in Longview and demonstrations by union workers in Seattle are the way unions bring about pressure on their employers. I support the right of private union workers to do these things, provided they are done in a peaceful and non-violent manner.

But, I do not support government unions. There’s a big difference between private unions and government unions. Private unions represent workers in the private sector. If I have a problem with a private company, I can always go across the street, down the block or to the next city to get my product or service.

That’s not the same with government unions. I have no recourse. The government agency which employs them is the only alternative. The deck is stacked against me, the ordinary citizen.

And, a strike against a private employer is between that employer and his workers. A strike by government workers is not against the city or the county or the school district, but is against me – – the taxpayer.

So, I hope the private union workers in Seattle and the private union workers in Longview can reach agreement with their employers. Everyone wins when that happens.

And, I hope that teachers, fire fighters, and clerical staff, who are represented by government unions, don’t see the private unions troubles as their own because they are two different animals.

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