Scare the old ladies

August 3rd, 2011 by Ken

Lacey Fire District Commissioners held a public meeting last night, to solicit input on a proposed increase in property taxes. Commissioners are considering asking for a levy lid lift which increases property taxes from $1.37 per thousand to $1.50 per thousand, raising $1.5 million more each year.

They will make their decision on Thursday.

Commissioners pointed out that the district’s budget has remained fairly flat since 2007 when it was $4.9 million. It’s currently $5 million.

Commissioners said they had made significant cuts to the district’s budget and feel they’re aren’t any more to be made. We must increase revenue was their general feeling. If we can’t raise more money we’ll have to reduce staffing and close down some stations. “That will mean a slower response time in emergencies,” said Skip Houser, former chair of the board.”

I told them they had an expenditure problem. While businesses and other government agencies are cutting back, Lacey Fire District’s budget has remained stable.

When asked if I thought they could pass a levy increase I told them sure – – if they pull a President Obama and scare the old ladies.Obama made 80-year old ladies cry when he said they might not get their social security check, when we all knew that wasn’t going to happen. Now fire commissioners are scaring the old ladies again, telling them that medics will be late in getting to their house in an emergency.

Lacey Fire Commissioners are currently engaged in contract negotiation talks with its fire fighter’s union. While fire fighters are talking about not asking for pay increases, the question has to be asked. Why aren’t fire commissioners talking about give backs. Most government workers have seen their pay and benefits cut, but not Lacey fire fighters.

It’s just easier to scare the old ladies and keep those lucrative paychecks coming in.

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