Vito Chiechi – a bundle of ideas

July 27th, 2011 by Ken

I’d known about Vito Chiechi for decades but I first met Vito Chiechi in 2001 when he called and subscribed to my newsletter. “I hear it’s a good thing to do,” he told me on the phone. It wasn’t just a few months later that he called me up and invited me out to his house to talk about “ideas”.

Vito had ideas – – lots of ideas. “Let me do it and I can get your newsletter into the hands of thousands of people on my mailing list,” he said. “Let me do this, let me do that. We can do a lot of things,” he said.

Most of them never happened, because I held back, not because he did.

He contacted me on a fairly regular basis, sometimes by phone, sometimes by e mail. I’m sure I wasn’t alone. He probably kept in contact with the thousands of people on his mailing list – – but it made me feel special. After what he considered a “great” newsletter article he’d renew his call to let me distribute it to his list.

I’m going to miss his periodic calls and e mails. I’m really going to miss, not having taken advantage of his ideas.

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