Lacey fire fighters love politics

June 27th, 2011 by Ken

Two years ago, the City of Lacey and Fire District Three were engaged in a contest of wills, to see who would bend first. The city was threatening to start its own fire department instead of renewing its contract with the fire district. The fire district needed the city’s money to continue its then current level of service.

Caught in the middle were the fire fighters and their union.

Deciding they needed to enter politics, the union quickly organized, put up a slate of candidates to run against the incumbent Lacey council members and spent money, time and good will to get them elected.

Shortly thereafter, the city capitulated, and through a vote of the people, annexed itself to the fire district. Fire fighter jobs and security were assured.

But, the fire fighters can’t seem to get out of politics. They have endorsed candidates for the upcoming Lacey City Council election. Their endorsement signs can be seen dangling from some candidate’s signs. They have interviewed other candidates and not offered their support.

The Lacey fire fighters and their union are deeply involved in the current Lacey City Council election.

But, I have to ask – – why?

There’s nothing the Lacey City Council can do to impact fire fighters. The council has no control over anything the fire district does, and can’t influence any of their decisions.

So, why are the Lacey fire fighters still engaged in city politics?

I thought maybe it was to get back at those still on the council who supported a city fire department. But most of them are gone, having been defeated, not seeking re-election, or not up for election this year.

There’s nothing to be gained for the fire fighters or their union, to continue to engage in city politics. So why are they doing it?

Simply – – because they can. Once they tasted the sweet juice of a winning political campaign, they can’t get the taste out of their mouth. They now love politics, the power of their union and the awe of political candidates cowering before them.

Victory may have created a monster.

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