Observations on a political campaign

April 26th, 2011 by Ken

I had the opportunity Tuesday to attend the kickoff breakfast for Lenny Greenstein, who is running for a seat on the Lacey City Council. Just over a hundred people were in attendance, about a normal turnout for a local campaign.

My first observation of the group found that about 80 percent of those present, were males. Lenny is a businessman and a Republican, although the city council is a non-partisan race. I felt, that if Lenny had been a Democrat, half of the room would have been female. Do the parties have a gender balance? Are Republicans the party of the white male, while Democrats are the party of females of all types? Attendance at Lenny’s kickoff would lead me to believe so.

Acting as mistress of ceremonies (OK, master of ceremonies) was Thurston County Auditor Kim Wyman. From the first time she ran for elective office, until now, Kim has developed into a good public speaker, with a quick wit and a comfortable presence, she’s in demand for emceeing such events.

I’ve known Lenny for years, but I’ve never heard him as a public speaker. His platform was well thought out with a business bent, and he did a good job of speaking. I was impressed.

I’ve given Lenny money for his campaign, so I endorse and support his candidacy. However, it would make it easier for me, if he would chose what position on the Lacey City Council he plans to seek.

And, finally, as Andrew Barkis told the crowd, it takes money to run a campaign, even one for a local office. And, that’s a shame. But, it’s also reality.

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