Eyman receives national award

April 19th, 2011 by Ken

Tim Eyman journeyed to Chicago last week, where he was named a “Modern Day Sam Adams” for his work in encouraging citizen participation in government.

Eyman was one of four people nationwide who were honored for their efforts in citizen participation and who received a “Sammie” award.

In receiving his award, Eyman recognized his partners Jack and Mike Fagan. “It’s a great, great honor to be chosen for this award,” Eyman said. “I’m grateful to the thousands of supporters who have made our initiative efforts a success.” Eyman said he was proud of the work he and his partners had done and said, “I’ll do my absolute best to prove myself worthy of being named a “Modern Day Sam Adams.”

Yvonne Ralsky, president of the Sam Adams Alliance said, “Once again the Sammies brought together the freedom lovers and the freedom fighters who love their country, and in their way engage to advance our freedom. They are creative, strategic, impactful and tenacious.”

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