Lacey council wrestles with identity

April 15th, 2011 by Ken

While the Lacey City Council wrestled with long term goals Thursday evening, continuing its February retreat, it reemphasized its short term goals.

Preserving Lacey’s individual identity and building a sense of community for all of Lacey, including the Northeast area, were touted as the council’s premier short term goals.

During its discussion of long term goals, some 90 of them, the council continued to suggest ways the city could enhance its reputation and bring the Northeast area (Hawks Prairie) into greater relationship with the city.

The council continued to avoid the “A” word (annexation) of the housing developments of Tanglewilde and Thompson Place, but agreed to work closer with the Thurston County Commissioners to beautify and enhance Martin Way. “It is our front yard and our backyard,” Lacey City Manager Greg Cuoio said.

Cuoio said the 90 or so long term goals would be pared down and consolidated so that councilmembers would have a better grasp of the suggestions. The visioning retreat will be continued at a later date.

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