11 hopefuls for Dean’s seat

December 30th, 2010 by Ken

The empty  Lacey City Council seat vacated by Mary Dean, has drawn 11 applicants for council appointment.

Members of the Lacey council will select one of the 11 to fill that seat.

Applying for appointment were:  former Lacey Mayor Jon Halvorson, Lacey Planning Commission members Lenny Greenstein and Don Melnick, retired Thurston County Sheriff’s Deputy Jim Chamberlain,  former candidate for Thurston County Assessor Jeff Gadman and former candidate for the Lacey City Council in 2004 Jack Bryant.

Others seeking the appointment include: volunteer with the Lacey Police Senior Patrol Gerald Jorgensen, Washington Air National Guard Staff Sergeant Ryan Gress, former organizer against Intiatives 1100 and 1105 Margaret Engle, newly appointed fire commissioner for the Lacey Fire District Lucius Daye and four-time candidate for the Aberdeen City Council Josip Mhelick.

The Lacey council has set January 20 for candidate interviews, but may expand the time.

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