Roundabout Roulette

October 14th, 2010 by Ken

The number of traffic roundabouts in Thurston County has almost doubled in the last few weeks, as city governments make final preparation to open seven new traffic control devices to public use.

In Tumwater, the city is putting final touches on four roundabouts on Littlerock Road, all within a half mile section of the roadway.

The City of Olympia is finishing up work on two side-by-side roundabouts on 18th Avenue connecting Fones Road and Hoffman Road.   And  in Yelm, a new roundabout has opened tying the city’s new highway bypass with the main road.

In less than a decade, Thurston County cities have taken these European traffic control devices to heart.  Since the first one opened in Lacey connecting Lacey Boulevard and Pacific Avenue’s one-way streets, several have popped up around the tri-cities.

Roundabouts are cheaper to construct than a four-way intersection.  They’re easier to maintain and they reduce, not only the number of accidents, but the severity of the accidents.

And, we’re not done yet.   Olympia is working on a number of new roundabouts, while Lacey is preparing to start work next year on a roundabout at 22nd and College, the city’s busiest street.  Just a few of several new roundabouts planned around the county.

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