Herrera wows them in Lacey

September 20th, 2010 by Ken

Jamie Herrera, the Republican candidate for Congress from the Third Congressional District, wowed them in Lacey Monday morning with a fund-raising breakfast at the Worthington Center.

The room was filled with supporters and confidence.

Current polls show Herrera ahead of Democrat Denny Heck by 4 percentage points, and the optimism in the room was overwhelming and unique.  Democrats have held the Third Congressional District for most of the last 50 years with only Republican Linda Smith from Clark County interrupting the Democrat’s long run, and that was more than two decades ago.

Herrera told some 200 supporters that this was a great time to change direction.   “This is a pivotal moment in history,” she said.    “The November election offers a chance to change the direction of the country for the next generation.”

She said two things were motivating voters this year – – anger and fear.  “People who run DC are out of touch with reality,” she said.  “They live in a bubble.  They act like irresponsible teenagers with a credit card, and each month you get the bill,” she told those in the room.

Herrera addressed the issue of health care by saying, “you can’t just say No.  You have to have fresh ideas and offer an alternative.”  Her solution was health savings accounts, medical malpractice and a free market economy.

She said that if she is elected to Congress she has some goals.  “Stop digging.  I’ll sponsor a balanced budget amendment.   We’ll address the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts and make them permanent.”

She also addressed the subject of jobs.  “The best jobs program we can have is to get government out of the way and let the marketplace work,” she said.

Her appearance at St. Martin’s was her first major event in Thurston County and was attended by most Republican office-holders and those seeking election as Republicans.

In the Primary Election, Herrera carried Clark County while Heck carried Thurston County.   The campaign’s goal for the General election,  according to Secretary of State Sam Reed, is to fight Heck to a draw in Thurston County while carrying Clark County.

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