Local social agencies run organized campaign against liquor initiatives

September 16th, 2010 by Ken

Local social service agencies, led by supporters of Together,  have embarked in a campaign to get all local governments to come out in opposition to I-1100 and I-1105.

The two initiatives would get the state out of the liquor distribution business.

Social service supporters have approached both the Olympia and Lacey city councils, asking them to come out in opposition to the measures, which they feel would take away state funds, much of which go to the local social service agencies, like Together.

The statements read at recent Lacey and Olympia council meetings were exactly alike and signal an organized effort to get council members on record as opposed to the initiatives.

State law allows local city councils to take a position on any state issue or ballot measure.  To do so, the council has to schedule a public hearing and allow those on both sides to make a case.

Olympia hasn’t scheduled a public hearing – yet.  Lacey has set September 23 as its date for a public hearing on I-1100 and I1105.

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