Fire commission has dilemma

September 13th, 2010 by Ken

Lacey Fire Commissioners have a dilemma.  Who do they appoint to fill the two new seats on the Lacey Fire Commission?

Voters, in their wisdom, annexed the City of Lacey into the Lacey Fire District.   Following the annexation, the Lacey Fire District Commissioners agreed to put a measure on the ballot that would expand the commission from three to five members.

Until that took place, the City of Lacey appointed two representatives to the fire commission to look out for the interests of city residents who had just approved annexation to the district.   These two representatives were to participate in discussion but were not to have any vote.

In September. voters approved the expansion, and it was assumed that the two city representatives would be appointed to the two new positions.  Only. there’s a complication.

The Lacey fire fighters union is pushing the commission to open up the appointments for other applicants, with the intention of getting some of their own supporters on the commission.

Complicating matters, is that one of the city representatives has been unable to attend many meetings or participate as fully as expected.

Here’s the dilemma.  Should the commissioners open up the new seats to additional applicants, or should they appoint the two previous representatives from the city?   And, what about the one city representative who is unable to participate fully?

Stay tuned.  The Lacey Fire District Commission is still mulling over its options.

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