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August 24th, 2010 by Ken

dog park – While Thurston County continues to construct a dog park at the old Hawks Prairie dump site, the City of Lacey is looking at building its own dog park in the heart of the city.  Brooks Park, a neighborhood park off College Street  near 14th Avenue, is the location under consideration.  Nothing is firm and the idea is in the talking stages.

children’s museum – Ground-breaking and construction of the first phase of the Hands On Children’s  Museum is set for mid-October, according to museum director Patty Belmonte.  The $3 million first phase, construction of the building, is out for bids.  When they’re opened, the actual ground-breaking can take place.  In order to get Public Facility District monies, actual construction must start this year.  Belmonte said she has a legal opinion that construction has already started once the ground preparation began.   The Port of Olympia is cleaning up pollution on the site.

red light camera – While the City of Lacey currently has only one red light camera on Pacific Avenue at Sleater Kinney, the city is looking for new sites for additional cameras.  It ruled out the Marvin Road and Martin Way intersection when a 12-hour test at that intersection found only six violations – – not enough to justify the expense of an additional camera.  The city is still looking at other locations but hasn’t made a determination if another camera is needed.

state income tax – A new poll, recently released, has support for a state income tax slipping.  Initiative 1098 would establish a state income tax on everyone, with the first $200,000 of income exempt.  Early polls showed the initiative with a slight lead.  The newest poll indicates a 41-41 split with 18 percent still undecided.

train depot – To celebrate the City of Lacey’s 50th birthday in 2016, the city has undertaken a birthday gift.   It plans to recreate the historic Lacey Train Depot, which once sat on Pacific Avenue across from the old Lacey Fire Department headquarters.  The building will be used to house a new city museum.  A $50,000 budget gives supporter money to promote the $2.9 million project.  Grants and donations are expected to make up most of the cost of the new facility.

get-em walking – Thurston Regional Planning Council has received a state grant to encourage school children, who live a half mile from school, to walk or ride their bikes.  Local jurisdictions will include such a proposal into their respective comprehensive plans.   They will also determine how to sustain and expand the program.

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