Taxpayer money buys votes

July 28th, 2010 by Ken

It must be election season.   Senator Patty Murray is in town and spreading taxpayer money around to buy votes.

A newspaper article recently said that Senator Patty Murray has inserted an appropriation for $2 million into a bill now being considered in congress which will help the Port of Grays Harbor build a new railroad access to the port.

Then, I received a news release from the City of Lacey which said “Washington Senator Patty Murray has secured $500,000 in the Senate Transportation and Housing Appropriations bill for expansion of the Lacey Senior Center.

Those are just two promises of taxpayer money that I know of.  I’m certain the senator has spread the money to all parts of the state.

I’m not ready to call Patty Murray the “Queen of Pork”  yet, but she has become a political pro and knows how to spread taxpayer money around during election time to buy votes.

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