Handicapping the 22nd legislative district race

July 21st, 2010 by Ken

With the August Primary Election just a month away, it’s time to take a look at the candidates in the race for the 22nd Legislative District  and handicap their chances of making it into the General Election.

Jason Hearn – 2-1 – Hearn is the only Republican candidate running and should manage to pull at least 25 percent of the vote, which should be enough to get him into the next heat.

Judi Hoefling – 4-1 –  As the only woman, one with at least a little background in business and well-known in the community, this Tumwater Councilmember has a good chance of gaining entrance into the big one.

Chris Reykdal – 5-1 –  Another of the favorites to make it onto the general election ballot, he has garnered more than two dozen endorsements from various unions and raised a whole pot full of money.

Stew Henderson – 6-1 –  The candidate with the endorsement of the Democratic party, he’s a longshot, but not entirely out of the race.  We’ll see if the party can pull it off for him.

Steve Robinson – 8-1 –  He’s the candidate the environmental community loves.  He has endorsements from George Barner Jr. and Billy Franks.  He may pull off a few Democratic votes which might have gone to Henderson or Reykdal.

Fred Jensen – 20-1 – This pro-life Democrat is spending money on radio advertising but is running in the wrong party if he really expects to get enough votes to make it to the next round.

Jeremy Miller – 100-1 –  Every race has a longshot and this one is about as long as you can get.  If all the other candidates withdraw, he still can’t win.

(All of the views expressed are mine and mine alone.  There’s no one else to blame.)

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