Voter’s Pamphlet has major error

July 15th, 2010 by Ken

You should receive your Thurston County Primary Election Voter’s Pamphlet in the mail shortly – – but be aware – – there’s a major error in the pamphlet.

Intercity Transit is going to the voters requesting a 2/10th of a percent increase in the local sales tax.  While this is a significant increase, and totally unnecessary, the pamphlet says “No one could be found to write a statement against the Intercity Transit Authority Proposition No. 1.”

That’s not true.   I offered to write the statement against and told Intercity Transit and the Thurston County Auditor’s Office, that I would write the statement against – – if they couldn’t find anyone else.

A few days later I was informed that they had found someone to write the opposition and that I wasn’t needed.   When I returned, ten days later, from attending the Rotary International Convention in Montreal, a recording on my telephone said that the person who was going to write the statement backed out – – and if I still wanted to do so – – I had to have the statement into the auditor’s office – – the next day.

The message was received three days after the deadline.

First the real reason for this article.  Intercity Transit does not need the increased sales tax.   It has a surplus of $11 million dollars, it is currently undergoing a multi-million dollar expansion of its facility and it over pays its unionized drivers, mechanics and other staff, by significant amounts.

Intercity Transit is currently in negotiations with its unions and an increase in the sales tax will give them more money to meet union demands.

The bottom line – – the money isn’t needed and will be wasted on increases in salaries.

NOW – lets talk about the voter’s pamphlet.

This government funded document is nothing more than a promotion piece for government tax increases and support of incumbent office holders.  Nothing in the pamphlet can be construed as TRUE.  The courts have ruled that the information can’t be censored – – and besides – – who wants the government to be the censor.  The pamphlet is worthless.

But, significantly, the taxing authorty decides on the text of the tax measure.  It also appoints a committee to write a Pro and a committee to write a Con.

Too often the Con never gets written because the authority doesn’t really want a Con statement.   And, sometimes, a person is picked to write a Con statement, who actually supports the new tax.

One time a fire district going out for a tax increase, appointed a person to write the Con statement.  His statement said he was against the tax increase because it “wasn’t enough”.  That was the Con statement.

Here’s what needs to be done.  We should stop funding the voter’s pamphlet.  If we continue to do so, then we should put the responsibility of finding the Con portion onto the office of the county auditor – and away from the taxing agency.

And, if no one could be found to write a statement in opposition, then no statement in support of the measure should be allowed.

Those all seem to be straight forward and appropriate.

The bottom line – – VOTE NO on the Intercity Transit tax increase.

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