Democrats set platform

July 9th, 2010 by Ken

Washington State Democrats, meeting in Vancouver on June 26, adopted the party’s platform for this coming election cycle.  All Democrats, running for office, should embrace the entire platform.

Here are the platform planks:

Stop Washington’s Attorney General from participating in the lawsuit against Obama Care.

Stop the governor and the legislature from cutting any state programs.

Support I-1098, the new state income tax.

Urge the legislature to draft new rules encouraging meat processing in small facilities.

Establish a Bank of Washington State to act as a central bank to community banks.

Support the full-funding of education to establish a “World Class Public Education System” in Washington.

Slap the Texas Board of Education for rewriting history in its history books.

Support programs which create green jobs.

Encourage the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission to enact regulations requiring local utilities to purchase up to 10 percent of their energy from alternative energy sources.

Eliminate the Top Two Primary system and establish a system to require registration by party.

Pay hospitals and doctors for the cost of providing emergency care to the uninsured.

Make Senior Rights – Human Rights.

Prohibit professional guardians from taking any money from Burial Funds.

Extend Unemployment Benefits and created more public funded green jobs.

Replace the I-5 bridge over the Columbia River.

Stop feedlots in the Yakima Valley.

 (It would seem to me that every candidate on the Democratic ticket should be asked if she supports the party’s platform.)

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