Randy Dorn’s just a good old boy

July 1st, 2010 by Ken

You gotta love Randy Dorn, don’t ya?  

Our Superintendent of Public Instruction is just a good old boy.   He sometimes drinks to excess, he listens to sports radio and he complains about his job and how much money he makes.

He seems like someone you might want to tip a beer with on occasion, provided you take his keys.

It would be comfortable listening to his complaints, if he wasn’t the state school czar, responsible for the education of our kids.

Dorn made news a little while back while getting arrested for driving under the influence.  Most recently he made news complaining that his salary as the director of SPI was a lot less than that of Seattle Mariner pitcher Cliff Lee.

Dorn’s recent complaint about his salary (which is $121,000) isn’t the first time he’s complained about what he gets paid.  Testifying last year before the state salary commission he said that he got paid less than many of the school superintendents in the state.

He said he had to take a pay cut when he got elected to the state school superintendent’s job.

Of course, before he bamboozled his way on the ballot and into office, he served as the head of a government union making, it appears, about $150,000 a year trying to get the taxpayers to cough up more money for government workers.

Now, he’s trying to get more money for his own job.  

I guess the work of a union boss never stops, particularly when it’s only taxpayer money at stake.

But, I think he’s still a good old boy and I’d like to take him out for a drink.  I’ll even buy.

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