Lacey Community Center moves

May 27th, 2010 by Ken

The Lacey Community Center has moved.  Well, not physically, but it has moved nevertheless.  It is now within the city limits of Lacey.

Along with the Lacey Senior Center and Woodland Community Park, the Lacey Community Center was not in the city limits of Lacey.   Since its inception, the centers and the park have been outside the city limits.

Thursday evening, the Lacey City Council annexed the 75 acres comprising the park along with the senior center and the community center, into the city.

When the Lacey Community Center and the Woodland Creek Park were started, they were not included within the city boundaries for a good reason – – money.

Thurston County had just completed an expansion and improvement to Pacific Avenue.  If Lacey had annexed the property into the city at that time, it would have had to compensate Thurston County for part of the cost of the Pacific Avenue improvements.

But by waiting a decade, the city could now annex the property without having to pay the county a single cent.   They took that action Thursday evening.

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