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March 15th, 2010 by Ken

The City of Lacey will hold a public hearing on March 25, to decide if it should take a public position on the annexation of the city into Lacey Fire District 3.  The public hearing will be held during the council’s regular meeting.

A public hearing is required before the Lacey City Council can take a position on any ballot measure.   And, while all seven members of the council support the annexation, at least one member doesn’t feel the council should take a position on any measure being voted on by the public.

Councilmember Jason Hearn expressed such a position at the last council meeting and has expressed a similar position on previous ballot measures.  Former Lacey Councilmember Ann Burgman also took such a stand during her period of time on the council

Ballots on the measure will be mailed out on April 9 and have to be back in to the Thurston County Auditor’s Office by April 27.

The measure has to pass in both the city and the fire district in order to complete the annexation.

In addition to the public hearing by the city, Lacey Fire District 3 has schedule two informational meetings on the annexation.  The first will be held on Saturday, March 27 at the fire district station on Yelm Highway.  The second will be on Monday, April 5 at Lydia Hawk Elementary School.

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