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January 25th, 2010 by Ken

If you’ve ever cut down a tree in your back yard, you know what’s going to happen.  Come Spring, you’ll have dozens – maybe hundreds of new shoots popping up all over the yard.

That’s similar to what’s happened with the demise of our daily newspaper.

As the paper fell,  its place was taken by dozens of blogs, all hoping to fill the void left by the daily newspaper.

Some of them are written by former politicians or want-to-be politicians.   Others are written by individuals with a chip on their shoulder, while still others are written by people with a particular political agenda.

What all of them have in common is a lack of journalism experience and any desire to be unbiased.

That’s not so with Ken’s Corner & The Real News.   Ken’s Corner been around since 1971 and has appeared in four separate local newspapers.   Ken’s Corner & The Real News as a newsletter is now in its 23rd year of monthly publication.  The radio show Ken’s Corner has been on KGY Radio 1240 AM for 11 years.

While each publication often borrows from each other, there are some differences.

The newsletter tends to run towards opinion pieces and satire.  The radio show is more broad based and encompasses a variety of soft news stories.  This web page is more news oriented with less editorializing and more hard news.

As our society finally accepts the demise of the daily newspaper and orients its readership towards the internet, be aware of blogs which editorialize but don’t educate.

If you want to get local news and views, then you need to access this web page on a weekly basis, subscribe to the monthly newsletter and pay attention to what radio station you listen to.

As for those other shoots, cut them off.

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