$5 car tab tax raises millions for state parks

December 17th, 2009 by Ken

The involuntary $5 car tab tax is raising about a million dollars a month for state parks, according to State Parks Director Rex Derr.   Derr said that since the car tab tax was initiated in September, the amount raised each month varies from $1,250,000 in September to $800,000 in November.

Last legislative session tacked on the $5 extra fee when car tabs are renewed.  It is involuntary, but the payer can to opt out and not pay the assessed fee.  Derr said the number paying the fee  is about 80 percent.  When the fee was voluntary, the percentage paying the assessment was under 50 percent.

Derr said the money is needed to fill in a $27 million dollar gap in state parks funding, which came about when the legislature cut 50 percent of the state funding for parks and gave it the option money from car tabs.

When you renew your car tabs, you do not have to pay the extra $5.  Just make your check out for the amount, minus $5.

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