Ten things you’ll miss about newspapers when they’re gone

November 17th, 2009 by Ken

(Suggested by Brad Balsley)

1.  What will you wrap your fish in?

2.  Can you find something else to line your bird cage?

3.  How can you train your puppy without newspapers?

4.  It was a good thing to start a fire in your fireplace.

5.  What are you going to use as a drop cloth when you’re painting a room?

6.  It always made a good surface on which to clean a pumpkin.

7.  I always thought newspapers made a good flyswater.

8. What are you going to use now to kill the weeds in your garden.

9.  It used to make a good garbage pail liner.

And finally Number 10 – How are you going to make paper mache without newspaper?

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