Incumbents scramble for the exit

November 17th, 2009 by Ken

We’ve just finished the 2009 elections where six local incumbent office holders were shown the door by the voters.  Across the country more than 75 percent of incumbents were defeated for re-election.

Now, with the 2010 elections fast approaching, several of our local county elected officials have made it known that they will not be standing for re-election.

Those already opting out include:  Sheriff Dan Kimball, Prosecuting Attorney Ed Holm and County Assessor Patricia Costello.   County Treasurer Robin Hunt is also making a decision on whether or not to seek re-election.

If these four decide not to stand for re-election, it may be the smartest thing they’ve done.

All county offices, with the exception of two county comissioners – – Sandra Romero and Cathy Wolfe are up for re-election.  Even Comissioner Karen Valenzuela has to run again even though she just ran for an unexpired term, which expires next year.

That means that County Auditor Kim Wyman, County Clerk Betty Gould and County Coroner Gary Warnock must run for re-election.  In addition, the two District Court Judges Sue Dubuisson and Sam Meyer are also up for re-election.

While much of the media attention next year will be focused on state legislative and congressional races, the real race is for local county offices.

Those officials who have decided not to run again may be the wise ones.  It doesn’t look good for any incumbent this time around, no matter what label they wear.

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