How I Voted

October 28th, 2009 by Ken

As usual, I’ll post how I’m voting this year.

First, I’m voting Yes on both of the state ballot issues – – Ref. 71 and Initiative 1033.  

Referendum 71 gives the same rights to gay couples as those of hetro-sexual couples.   I’ve favor gay marriage and I favor this ballot issue.

I’m voting Yes on Initiative 1033.  I see absolutely nothing wrong with limiting the amount of money government can collect.   It’s a given that the more money government has, the more intrusive it becomes into our lives.

I’m voting for Patrick Beehler as county commissioner.  I like Karen Valenzuela personally but can’t agree with her positions on important issues. 

I’m voting for Jeff Davis for port commissioner.   I based my early endorsement on his endorsement by Paul  Telford.  After Telford’s retraction of his endorsement, I still favor Davis despite the fact that longshoreman’s unions up and down the state have contributed money for his election.

For the Lacey City Council, I’m voting for Ann Burgman, Andy Ryder and Graeme Sackrison. 

The Lacey Fire Fighters Union’s involvement in these races is just unbelievable.  They’ve endorsed every candidate running against the incumbents without  caring where they stand on the real important issues facing the city. 

I’ve interviewed and talked with all candidates running for office and here are my reasons for my votes.

Ann Burgman always has a difficult time running for re-election.  She has this time around as well.  Cynthia Pratt is a nice lady and one I wouldn’t mind having as a friend.  But Cynthia also thinks that Lacey’s growth and efforts to attract new business is bad and consequently has lost my vote.  Her endorsement by the fire fighters just fuels my vote for Ann Burgman.

I’m voting for Andy Ryder over incumbent John Darby despite his endorsement by the firefighters union.  Ryder is a Lacey businessman who has the best interests of the city in mind.  I’ve never thought that John Darby really cares about Lacey or the Lacey business community.  And, while he is a firm conservative vote on controversial issues, I think that Ryder will also be a firm pro-business vote.

I think that Graeme Sackrison has done a good job on the Lacey City Council and deserves to be re-elected.

That’s how I’ve voted this year.  I’ve already sent in my ballot.

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