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October 7th, 2009 by Ken

Editors note:  I received this news release on October 7.  Since it came from a local business leader I decided to run it and let you decide whether or not the Modern Whig Party has a future

Emails, letters and phone calls from moderate/pragmatic elements of the Tea Party movement continue to pour into the national and state chapters of the revived modern Whig Party. In short, the letters state that “the Tea Parties need a leader to sustain the momentum, and who better than a political movement started by veterans?”

Revived by veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, this Washington, DC-based grassroots political movement has quickly attracted tens of thousands of members to go along with 26 state chapters. Described by media outlets as “non-fringe” and “potentially viable,” this national movement values common sense, rational solutions ahead of ideology and partisan bickering. Professionally run and viable campaigns ranging in locations such as New Jersey, Florida and New Mexico also are becoming looked upon by the tea parties as the start of this new form of political organization.

“We were initially reticent to get involved with the tea parties, but what changed our mind was the fact that countless ‘tea partiers’ with no affiliation to extreme organizations sought us out as a potential political arm that is both viable and credible,” said Mike Lebowitz, an Iraq veteran, renowned Washington, DC attorney and chairman of the Modern Whig Party. “The stated reasons are that this historic political organization was revived by post 9/11 veterans and does place common sense rationality ahead of extreme ideology or partisan bickering.”

In fact, this national movement of common sense advocates is currently rallying around an author and businessman who is currently running for New Jersey state assembly, as well as Congressional candidates in Florida and New Mexico. The majority of these candidates’ national base of supporters come from members of the Republican and Democratic Party, as well as independents. As such, the Modern Whig Party continues to gain traction as a viable home for voters of all mainstream political stripes.

About the Modern Whig Party

Established in 1833, the Whig Party has a long history of carrying the mantle of America’s moderate and rational political framework.  Revived by Iraq and Afghanistan veterans in 2008 as the Modern Whig Party, this grassroots organization stands for common sense legislation; advocating for such issues as fiscal responsibility, strong national defense, energy independence, social acceptance and scientific advancement.  We see the value of independent thinking and the danger of being limited to one distinct ideology.   For more information visit:

During the organization phase of this movement, the Modern Whig Party already is recognized as the fastest-growing mainstream political movement in the country. Thousands of moderate Republicans, Democrats and Independents have signed on. With an executive committee and national headquarters in Washington, DC, the Modern Whig Party is recapturing the longtime ideals of Lincoln as they build toward being a true party for the rest of us.


Tony Salas, State Chairman Washington 360-349-3493    

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