New library in Hawks Prairie

August 21st, 2009 by Ken

Lacey Mayor Graeme Sackrison, speaking before the Hawk Prairie Rotary Club, today said that the City of Lacey will be building a new library in Hawks Prairie.

The City of Lacey has said they will build a new city facility in the Lacey Gateway area, sometime in the future.  The city has always left it open as to what particular facility, but today, Sackrison said a library would be a certainty. 

“The Lacey Timberland Regional Libary is the largest circulation library in the Timberland system,” Sackrison said.  “It’s just about reached its capacity and I see a new library in Hawks Prairie as a reality.”

The mayor went on to say that the city has the ability to buy five acres of land for a new city facility in the Gateway area and is looking at possibly buying another five acres for a total of ten.

Sackrison said that amount of property would allow the city to build more than one facility.   He gave possible examples, in addition to the library, as a community center or even a new farmer’s market.

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