Super Saturday not missed

June 19th, 2009 by Ken

Here it is the middle of June and I just realized something was missing from this month – – Super Saturday.  Two weeks after the event had traditionally been held, and I just realized its gone.  That’s just indicative of the problem.

In 1975, The Evergreen State College, in an effort to gain community support and to celebrate its graduating class, hit upon the idea of a one-day community festival.  

They invited the greater Olympia area, which had not been exactly welcoming, to visit the campus and enjoy a day of festivities, music, food and art.

I received a phone call from Judy Prentice, the college relations director, asking me to help round up some local talent to perform.  A recent “Greener” I was happy to help.  And I got the Johnny Lewis Junior Band to perform.

That first Saturday, we had no way of knowing if the community would come.  As soon as 10 a.m. rolled around and we opened the doors, we got the word.  Super Saturday was a success.  Cars were parked all along the Expressway and even backing up on to 101.  

For several years, I participated in Super Saturday, sometimes helping out at the Alumni booth and sometimes just enjoying the show.  In 1981, I was working temporarily at the college and was put in charge of lining up the entertainment.  Super Saturday was so successful that it was often billed as the largest one-day festival in the state.

Then, something happened.  We quit going.  The kids had grown up and left home and we just didn’t seem to get the same enjoyment by attending.  And, it seemed like there wasn’t anything new or different.

Super Saturday faded from my mind.   It wasn’t until the college announced that it was cancelling the event, that it drew my attention.  But, not so much as I didn’t notice it was gone, until it was long gone.

I don’t miss Super Saturday.  It was fun and I enjoyed the event, but I haven’t been to one in years and I haven’t really missed its demise. 

I guess that’s what happens to some community festivals.  They just fade away.

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