Lacey Gateway EIS now available for public review

June 17th, 2009 by Ken

The Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) of the Lacey Gateway Town Center is now available for public review.  Copies of the report can be picked up at city hall.  The 45-page document costs $25.  Copies are available for review at the Lacey Library.  You can also access the EIS on-line.  Digital copies can be picked up at city hall.

There, I’ve gotten all of the dull stuff out of the way.  For the most part, I can’t understand why anyone would want to pick up a copy, let alone comment on the EIS.   But it does have interesting information, particularly as it relates to the city’s vision of the project.

The masterplan has Cabelas as an anchor, and a section set aside for future phases.  Phase One of the plan consists of approximately 120 acres.  That is what’s called the “Town Center”.

The Town Center envisons retail blocks centered around a public plaza, with offices or housing on the second and upper floors.

In addition, a 270-room hotel is planned for construction as part of the Phase One development.   Offices, professional and medical, will be a part of the Town Center.  Later phases will have a office park in the future phases section.

The city also wants at least 500 units of housing with residential housing restricted to the upper floors.  The developer is looking at having some housing on the ground floor.  It’s anticipated that most of this housing will be condominiums.

There will be a central greenway that runs though the first phase to supply walking and cycling trails.

The City of Lacey also has the option of purchasing 10 acres of property within Phase One for the development of a civic facility such as a library, performing arts center, farmers market, police station or community center.  What the city will build has yet to be determined.

A public hearing will be held before the city’s Hearing Examiner on July 1 for presenting information and taking comments.

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