Congrats to Intercity Transit

June 17th, 2009 by Ken

Intercity Transit has just been named the “Best Transit System in the Country for It’s Size.”   I know that it’s true because I just received a news release from the transit system saying so.

The award is presented by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) and has been awarded before to only two other Washington state transit systems – – King County Metro and Pierce Transit.

According to the news release –  – the “APTA presents the award each year to the transit system that best demonstrates achievement in efficiency and effectiveness over the previous three-year period.”

According to the news release the award is the result of outstanding employees, the leadership of the Intercity Transit Authority and the entire community that supports and understands the value of public transportation.

IT, according to the release, has increased its fixed-route ridership by more than 50 percent; increased Dial-A-Lift by nearly 14 percent;  and vanpool ridership by almost 80 percent.   And, according to an in-house survey of riders, IT was found to be excellent or good by 86 percent of those surveyed.

Congrats to IT – – and more importantly, congrats to the taxpayers who have approved substantial tax increases to keep the system operating at top peak and efficiency.

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