Yellow light, red light

May 21st, 2009 by Ken

(The following story appeared in the April 09 edition of my newsletter)

While cities around the country, including right here in Lacey, are using red light cameras to raise money for the city’s general fund, comes word that a general revolt is in the wind.

Even more so when it was learned that some cities are shortening the yellow light cycle in order to catch more motorists.

The late Rocky Mountain News (late because it has now gone out of business) revealed in one of its last editions, that many cities are reducing the amount of time it gives mortorists on yellow lights.

At 25 mph traffic experts suggest that a yellow light signal last for 4 seconds and the minimum suggested time for a yellow light to turn to red is 3 seconds. 

However, most cities with red light cameras use only the very minimum and some have even reduced the yellow light cycle to 2 1/2 seconds or even less.

The Arizona State Legislature, faced with the fact that cities were reducing the yellow light cycle in order to make more money, is considering a bill to make red light cameras illegal in Arizona.

The bill has a good chance to pass.

One day this summer, I’m going to go to the Pacific Avenue Sleater Kinney Intersection with a stop watch and time the yellow light.  Then I’m going to go to other intersections and time those lights.

I’ll let you know what I find out.

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