Woodland trail encroachments must go

April 23rd, 2009 by Ken

The Lacey City Council Thursday evening adopted a policy spelling out what and what cannot be built or done on the city’s Woodland Trail.

When the railroad abandoned its tracks through the City of Lacey, the city obtained the right-of-way for the entire section of track, with the intention of building an urban trail.

Two years ago the city paved the center portion of the trail and is going out to bid in the next month to pave the end sections.  Funding is from a federal stimulus grant.

But, over the years, property owners along the tracks have encroached on the city’s 100-foot right-of-way.   Thursday night the council adopted a resolution spelling out what could and could not be done within the right-of-way and set procedures for allowing use.

Over the years, according to the city, adjacent property owners have added parking areas, fences, storage containers, driveways and even stormwater facilities.

The city says that most of the enroachments are minor, but that all must go.  City staff have met with all of the affected property owners and is working out a process for them to remove the enroachments.

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