Some good from county budget woes

March 28th, 2009 by Ken

There’s a piece of good news coming from Thurston County budget woes.   Because of financial costs, the Thurston County Voter’s Guide won’t be published this year.

I think that’s really good news.

I’ve been a critic of the Voter’s Pamphlet almost since it started a couple of decades ago.   I don’t think the government should be in the business of disseminating information on ballot measures, nor on candidates.

Too many people think the information contained in the Voter’s Pamphlet is true and accurate – – and that’s not the case.   Information contained in the pamphlet is nothing more than propaganda written by supporters and opponents.   It shouldn’t be distrubuted at taxpayer expense.

At the state level, legislation is making its way through the process, which would diminish the state’s voter’s guide and allow the Secretary of State to spend less money promoting elections.

Those are good laws as well.   I’m an elitist when it comes to elections.  I think only those who take the time to be educated, should vote.  

Publishing a Voter’s Pamphlet only tricks voters into thinking they’re educated.   And an ignorant voter, who thinks he’s knowledgeable is the worse kind of voter.

Some good has come out of government cutbacks.

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