FDR – Obama style

March 6th, 2009 by Ken

In 1937, President Franklin Roosevelt, upset that the United States Supreme Court had ruled several of his New Deal programs unconsitutional, tried to pack the court in his favor.

FDR submitted a proposal to add nine new members to the United States Supreme Court in an effort to circumvent the “nine old men” on the court.  His idea was laughed at by the media and eventually died with very little public support.

Now, supporters of Barack Obama are attempting to do a similar end run around the “conservative” United States Supreme Court currently in power.

A group of  “prominent legal thinkers” have  proposed changes to the court that will make future Obama legislation, more apt to pass. 

These “thinkers’ have proposed a maximum term of 18 years for all Supreme Court members and a seven-year term for the Chief Justice.  If a justice becomes sick or ill, others (not determined but probably a presidential commission) will determine if the justice can continue to serve.

These changes will give President Obama an opportunity to appoint several members to the court that will look more favorably on his “New Deal” legislation.

Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and the United States Attorney General’s office has copies of the letter.   Nothing, has yet been determined.

But if President Obama wants to be like President Roosevelt, then the American public should treat this proposal like Roosevelt’s 1937 proposal to stack the court.  

The media should laugh it into extinction.

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