Fire District split will not impact Medic One services

March 3rd, 2009 by Ken

Some Lacey residents have expressed concern that the disolution of service agreement between the City of Lacey and Fire District 3, will result in a decrease in response to medic calls.

Medical emergency response comprises about 97 percent of all fire district calls and  Medic One Administrator Steve Romines said he fully expects a high level of service to continue.

“We have a contract with Fire District 3 to provide advance life services (ALS).  I see no reason that service will be impacted by the current situation.   There will be no decline in services,” he said.

Medic One contracts with various fire districts around the county to provide ALS service.   The current contract with Fire District 3 runs out at the end of 2011.    Romines said he will begin negotiating with the district at the end of this year.

“We will take a look at the situation and it may be that we will negotiate with the City of Lacey to provide its own medic services, or we may negotiate with another fire district,” Romines said.  “But medic services will be maintained.”

He said that Fire District 3 personnel are professional and expects there will be no reductions in service while the city and the district negotiate division of district assets.

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