Cable TV costs to rise

February 12th, 2009 by Ken

Costs for your basic television cable service will rise by 30 cents per month.  That’s the only cost increase in the 10-year cable agreement worked out between the three cities and the county and Comcast Cable after more than a year of negotiation.

The extra money will go to Thurston Community Television (TCTV) to help it with equipment purchases and other costs of doing business.  Comcast will bill each of its 30,000 subscribers the 30 cents per month and then pass it through to the local jurisdictions, which will then send it to TCTV.  In Lacey’s case that’s about $37,000 per year.

In addition, Comcast will pay a franchise fee of five percent of its gross revenues to the jurisdictions based on the number of subscribers in each area.  In Lacey’s case that would mean about $480,000 a year.

And, if you’re a senior over age 65 or if you are disabled, Comcast has agreed to voluntarily provide a 30 percent discount from its lowest price tier, which is currently $15 per month.

Local jurisdictions are restrained from bargaining for service costs or channel selection by federal law.   So, any complaints about the cost of your cable bill, or the channel selection shown in this area, should be directed to your federal office holders.

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