Environmentalist encourage vandals

December 11th, 2008 by Ken

Vandals, who struck Triway headquarters and the Olympia Master Builder’s office, were probably not part of any organized environmental organization – – but the anti-growth elements of that group have encouraged vandalism and hooliganism.

The strident, almost end-of-the-world rhetoric coming from the anti-growth group has lead some younger elements, particularly those at Evergreen, into thinking this is a battle for the life and death of the planet, rather than just a zoning issue.

Those who oppose increased building heights in Olympia have every reason in the world to voice those opinions in public.  But when those words lead to vandalism, then it’s time for opponents of zoning changes to rethink the way they approach opposition.

They should also condemn all forms of vandalism.

Right now, there are people in prison who felt they needed to burn buildings and damage property in the name of environmental freedom.  It took years, but these vandals were finally tracked down, tried and sentenced to prison.

It will take time, but eventually the vandals who destroyed private property in the name of protecting Olympia, will also be brought to justice.  

In the meantime, everyone, whether they support the increased building heights or not, should speak out against vandalism in all of its forms.

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