Bob Macleod left his mark

November 13th, 2008 by Ken

The recent resignation of Bob Macleod from the Thurston County Commission should have come as no surprise to anyone who has seen Bob in the last few months.

Now in his 80’s, Bob Macleod was looking frail and sick and it was just a matter of time before he made his decision to step down as Thurston County Commissioner.

He set his retirement for December 31 and his vacancy will be filled by appointment.

Bob has been an active and involved member of this community for decades.  He moved to Thurston County in the 1970’s and went to work for KGY Radio as the news director.  He worked at KGY for 27 years and was looked upon by this community as a community asset.

It wasn’t just his news coverage that was outstanding, but it was his radio commentaries aired by KGY.  Bob Macleod always looked for a solution to any issue he talked about.  He wasn’t content to just comment on a local problem, but often offered his suggestions for a solution.

Unlike those who have come after him, Bob seldom upset anyone while voicing his opinions.  While his radio show often touched on touchy subjects, anyone listening came away convinced that they had heard both sides of the issue.

Bob Macleod was more than a newsman and more than a radio commentator, he was a community asset.  On many occasions he was asked to moderate a discussion or debate on a community concern because people knew he was fair and interested.

When Bob retired from KGY he didn’t stop his work to make his community a better place.  He went to work for State Senator Karen Fraser as kind of an aide.  He would help the senator better understand the issues and would offer her advice on how to proceed.

During his career as a newsman Bob always covered Thurston County government and the issues it faced.  So, when an opportunity to run for a Thurston County Commission seat came, he took it on and defeated the incumbent Democrat Kevin O’Sullivan, in the 2002 Primary Election.

If you didn’t know Bob Macleod you would have thought that he did very little, but you’d be wrong.  Bob didn’t seek the spotlight.  His service on the Thurston County Commission was one of quiet competence.  County government is better for having Bob Macleod on the board.

When he steps down at the end of this year his two fellow commissioners Cathy Wolfe and Sandra Romero will name someone to the vacant seat from a list prepared by Thurston County Democrats.   Whoever gets the appointment will have to run in 2010.

I’ll do other stories on the vacancy, the appointment process and the results, at a later time.

Right now I just want to thank Bob Macleod for all of his service to the community.

Thanks Bob.

(A similar commentary aired on KGY radio on November 12.)

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