Keller comes home

November 5th, 2008 by Ken

Kasey Keller, the outstanding soccer player, who gained fame and riches playing in the European Football League, came home to Lacey.

His appearance before the Lacey Chamber of Commerce coincided with his return to the United States and signing with the Seattle Sounders.

Keller was born in Lacey, attended Lacey schools and graduated from North Thurston High in 1987.  He attended Portland State and played soccer when he got the opportunity to play major league soccer in England.

Keller played European soccer for 18 years on teams in England, Spain and Germany before returning home.

Keller told the Lacey chamber members that he was happy to be back in the United States and happy to be home in Lacey and have the opportunity to play soccer in Seattle.

The goalkeeper played on several US national teams as well as in the professional soccer leagues.

He thinks the United States is still behind the rest of the world when it comes to ability but thinks the number of young people playing soccer today will soon allow the United States to compete on the world market.

He pointed out that the Seattle Sounders has a $2.5 million lid on total team salaries, but one professional player in Europe would make that much alone.  Keller let drop the news that the Seattle Sounders will probably play a European team in Seattle sometime in July.

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