Junior brings memories

October 31st, 2008 by Ken

The news that Ken Griffey Jr. is available as a free agent, and the rumor that the Mariners may resign their former star, comes as good news to me.

Junior supplied me with some of my most poignant Mariner memories.  I don’t remember the exact year, but it was on Father’s Day and my son took me to a Mariner’s game in the King Dome as a Father’s Day present.   Junior hit two home runs that day.

I hadn’t been a baseball fan previously, but the combination of being with my son on Father’s Day and the memory of Junior hitting those two home runs, provided me with the incentive to be a baseball fan.

After that time, Junior provided us all with hundreds of memories.  Running into the fence to catch a run, being at the bottom of the pile when the Mariner’s advanced in the playoffs, and just his joy and exuberance of being a professional baseball player, all helped create my love of baseball.

Now, at the age of 39, he’s been released.   After all of his injuries, he wouldn’t be much help to any team in the majors except the Seattle Mariners.  They’re the only team which would benefit.

After last year’s losing season, we need someone to jack up fan interest and no one can do it like Ken Griffey Junior.

I hope the Mariners sign him.  And, I hope the fans don’t expect too much.  A home run here, a smile there and the doffing of his hat.  That’s about the best we can expect.  But it will do wonders for the fans and it will do wonders for those who have such great memories of this future Hall of Famer.

Afterall, he made me a Mariner’s fan.

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