Caught by the red light

October 28th, 2008 by Ken

I got a ticket in the mail the other day for being caught on the red light camera.  Actually, the ticket came to my wife, since it’s her car, but I was driving.

Seems the red light camera at Sleater Kinney and Pacific Avenue (the only one in Thurston County) said I made a right turn from Pacific onto Sleater Kinney, without stopping.

The letter, in a nice white envelop, said it was from the Lacey Violations Bureau but its address was Cincinnati Ohio.  It had a picture of my car and a clear view of my license plate.

It said, if I wanted to view a video of the violation, I could do so, and it gave me instructions on where to go.  I went to the site and had to download a program in order to view the video.  It took 11 minutes to download.  But I did it, and I went further into the program to view the video of my violation, when again I was told I had to download another program.   I have a fast computer and a fairly new one at that. but I couldn’t view the video.  I  gave up.

My wife filled out the violation section which said,  if you weren’t driving, who was?   My wife said, my stupid husband.   They asked for my address and she gave it.  We mailed the statement back to Cincinnati Ohio.  I fully expect a return ticket in the mail, this time with my name on it.

I really wanted to view the video, but I couldn’t.   I was certain I stopped before turning right and I’ll ask to see the video when I go to court.

But I’m really concerned.  I think the Lacey Police Department lied to me.  They said the purpose of the red light camera was to stop T Bone accidents in the intersection.  But, it seems to me the real purpose of the camera is to make money for the City of Lacey.  They took in $50,000 in revenue during September and most of it was pure profit.

Drivers making right turns shouldn’t be cited.  That’s the wrong policy for the city to pursue and will do nothing but anger residents like myself who feel the camera is nothing but government greed.

(A similar commentary ran on KGY radio on October 28, 2008)

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