Who I’m voting for – the candidates

October 20th, 2008 by Ken

District Court Judge – William Bayness

County Commissioner District 1 – Judy Wilson

County Commissioner District 2 – Robin Edmondson

Superintendent of Public Instruction – Terry Bergeson

State Treasurer – Allan Martin

Attorney General – Rob McKenna

Governor – Dino Rossi

President of the United States – John McCain

Many of you will have a problem selecting a District Court Judge.  I’m supporting Bill Bayness because I’ve found him to be fair, compassionate and honest.  He’s also independent of all political ties. 

I’m supporting Judy Wilson.  Judy has the experience and the temperament.  She was county commissioner for eight years and has learned much since that time.   I’ve never thought much about Cathy Wolfe and always felt she ran for county commissioner to pad her retirement.

It’s a similar situation in the other county commission seat.  I think Sandra Romero is running to pad her retirement as well.  She’s also far to left to suit me.  I don’t have a great deal of knowledge about Robin Edmondson, but he has to be better than the alternative.

Anyone the Washington Education Association hates, has to be good for the taxpayers of Washington state.  Therefore, I support Terry Bergeson.  The union has her opponent in their pocket.

With Democrats in control of our legislature and probably our governor’s mansion, we need an attorney general from the opposite party.  My nod goes to Rob McKenna.  I don’t like the fact that McKenna resides in Seattle and spends much of his time there.   I would much prefer that he live in Thurston County, or at least spend more time in his Olympia office.  But that being said, he’s my choice. 

I know very little about Allan Martin or Jim McIntire except that McIntire was a state legislator and many people thought he was arrogant.  That’s enough for me.  My vote goes to Allan Martin.

I don’t like to have a government controlled by one party.  With the Democrats in control of both houses of the legislature I’m voting for Dino Rossi for governor.  I don’t think Rossi can win so I’m really throwing away my vote, but, it is my vote.

I really want to vote for Barack Obama, but I can’t.  We can’t have the Congress and the Presidency under the control of one party.   Besides, I think that Obama is far more liberal than the country.  McCain is a known quantity and someone who has shown leadership in the past.  This is a tough call for me, but I’m going with someone I know. 

Those are my votes on the more controversial races this year.  You make up your own mind.

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