How I’m voting – ballot measures!

October 14th, 2008 by Ken

People ask me all of the time how I’m voting on different issues.  I like to think that I have special knowledge about the issues and the candidates, and that’s why they ask me.  I don’t want to think they ask me just because they’re curious.

So – here’s how I’m voting on some of the ballot measures.

I’m not voting on the Lacey Fire District 3 levy lid lift request.   I don’t live in the fire district, I live in Lacey, so I have no vote.  But, if I were to vote, I’d vote NO.  Although the amount asked is less than in the Primary Election, fire commissioners have done absolutely no soul-searching regarding their spending. 

There are three state ballot measures that I have an interest in.  Here’s how I’m voting.

Initiative 985 – YES.  This is the Tim Eyman initiative which he says will reduce traffic congestion around the state by requiring a number of actions.  The part of the measure I like best is the part that requires cities to give all money they raise from red light cameras, to the state.   Too often cities use red light cameras to raise money for city coffers.  

The City of Seattle has raised millions of dollars from these cameras and all of that has gone to fund other city activities not associated with traffic.   The City of Lacey raises substantial amounts of money from just one red light camera and are looking at expanding the number of cameras and consequently bringing in significant amounts of new money.   That’s just wrong.  The cameras should be used only to prevent accidents and not as a means of raising more money.  Eyman’s initiative would require all money, over and above operating costs, be given to the state for traffic congestion relief.

From that point alone, I’m voting for I-985.

Initiative 1000 – YES.  Death is a very personal activity.  Government, legal scholars and religious zealots should stay out of the fray.   I-1000 would allow someone to take his own life provided he has six months to live and that two doctors testify that he has two months to live.   The person has to do the actual deed.  No one is going to give him a shot.

In Oregon, the only other state to have a similar law, the number of people requesting to die is very small.     Oh, and Martin Sheen, is a movie actor, he’s not the president of the United States.  His opposition should mean no more than any other opposition. 

In the final end, I’m voting for this measure because I don’t want government or the church telling me what I can do with my life.

I-1029 – NO.  This is a self-serving measure sponsored by the Service Employees International Union to increase union membership.  It shouldn’t have been on the ballot in the first place since it was originally run as an initiative to the legislature.  Secretary of State Sam Reed ruled that it could go to the people instead of the legislature and was upheld by legal rulings.  Vote NO on this special interest legislation.

That’s how I’m voting.  As the time and date of the election nears, I’ll tell you how I’m voting for the various elective positions.

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