Voter’s Pamphlet worthless

October 13th, 2008 by Ken

You’ve just received your Thurston County Voter’s Pamphlet in the mail, prior to the arrival of your General Election mail-in ballot.

Many of you will take the Voter’s Pamphlet, set it along side of your General Election ballot, and vote, using the Voter’s Pamphlet as a guide.

Doing so, however, is an exercise in folly.  You see, the information contained in the Voter’s Guide, is not accurate, is full of errors and omissions and in some cases out and out lies.   It is nothing more than government sponsored and taxpayer funded – – Junk Mail.

The Washington State Supreme Court has ruled that information contained in the Voter’s Pamphlet does not have to be truthful and has even admitted that lies are permitted.  Your Thurston County Auditor has recognized that fact and has written a disclaimer which appears on the back page of the Voter’s Pamphlet.

That disclaimer reads, in part, “Candidate statements are the opinion of the author and have not been checked for factual or grammatical accuracy by any government agency.”

Many people believe that the Voter’s Pamphlet is a true and unbiased account of the election.  It must be, they reason, because it comes from the government.  They couldn’t be any further from the truth.

In my opinion, the Voter’s Pamphlet is worthless. 

The question has to be asked “Why do we spend taxpayer money to put out a piece of worthless election junk mail?”

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