Doin the Puyallup? Read this first.

September 6th, 2008 by Ken

I did the Puyallup Fair on Saturday, opening weekend of its multi-day run.  I expected large crowds, plenty of jostling and waiting in long lines.  There was none of that.

Instead, the crowds were sparse.  Few people.  Many less than expected.  Even the merchants were wondering where everyone was.  It was opening weekend for goodness sakes.  It should have been packed.  But it wasn’t.

I think I know why.  It’s too expensive.  Parking cost more, the entrance fee was more, the food cost more and god knows the grandstand shows were out of reach for most people.

I think the economy, coupled with the cost of attending the fair, was a major reason attendance was down.  Their advertising this year was a little off the wall and might also have contributed to fewer people.  I suspect the fair will see a significant decline in attendance over previous years.

But, if you can afford the increased costs, there’s nothing like the Puyallup to bring back old memories and insert a little joy into the day.  All of the old familiar sights and activities are still there, although I couldn’t find the pig races.  But the onion burgers, the scones and the Dairy booth with its many dairy products were still there, although I swear the prices were up significantly.

I also noticed that more seniors than young people were working this year and the fair is still hiring people to work for the remaining two weeks.

But, I wouldn’t miss the fair for anything.  I remember as a child, we used to get a day off from school if we were going to attend the Puyallup Fair.  I seem to recall that every child got a free ticket.  The fair has been part of my life forever.  Even increases in costs aren’t going to keep me from enjoying every aspect of it.

Oh, and while you’re there.  Look into the KGY FM booth.  You might even come away with a free T Shirt. 

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