No tomorrow for “Lacey Today”

June 25th, 2008 by Ken

It was started on April Fools Day 2004.  The Olympian announced it was publishing a news supplement to its paper – – Lacey Today.  With great fanfare, at a Lacey Chamber of Commerce meeting, the new publication was unveiled.  “We recognize the future of our paper is in Lacey,” said newspaper big wigs.

There were cheers all around.  Finally, The Olympian realized that Lacey and its large population base, as well as its growing retail business, was important to the newspaper and Lacey Today was the result.  This new product was inserted in all of the newspaper’s subscribers in the greater Lacey area.

Over the few short years, the Lacey insert began to see a decline, in news coverage and quality of product.  By 2007, Lacey Today was filled with nothing important.  It was gradually slipping away.

It published its last edition on June 25, 2008.    Jerre Redecker, editor of Lacey Today said, “Changes to the newspaper reading habits and advertising have made it impractical to continue publishing.”

The quality of work had slipped so low that almost no one will miss Lacey Today but it demise still seems like a slap at Lacey and the few readers The Olympian  has in this area.

Cutbacks and staff transfers at The Olympian have moved reporters to Tacoma and The (Tacoma) News Tribune.  As earlier reported 17 staff members have also been laid off at The Olympian  including three reporters and business editor Jim  Szymanski.

The closing down of Lacey Today is just another example that newspapers around the country are trouble.  Because, if The Olympian couldn’t pick up subscribers and advertisers in Lacey, it couldn’t survive the future.

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