Holm’s actions force questions

June 9th, 2008 by Ken

Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney Ed Holm’s decision to run for a judge’s seat on the Thurston County Superior Court strikes most of us as a little odd.  Why did Holm, at the age of 68, decide to change careers?  What has happened over the last couple of years to cause Holm to even want to be a judge?

Perhaps we need to review some of the recent developments in Holm’s life both professional and personal.  That might give us a better understanding of why a prosecutor wants to be a judge.

Lets start off with something personal.  A couple of years ago, Holm and his wife were victims of a crime.  A home invasion to be exact.  Criminals broke into his house and terrorized his wife.  Holm was injured while trying to protect her. 

The criminals were caught and tried in Pierce County because of who the victim was.  I’m no psychiatrist but it seems to me that his experience as a victim might make him want to get revenge on all criminals.  But, it also seems to me that he could fight crime just as well being the chief prosecuting attorney.

Holm’s professional life is even more screwed up.

Holm and some male members of his staff were sued by former female employees, charging sexual harassment among other things.  The court found Holm and his male staff guilty and assessed a multi-million dollar fine against him and his office.  Of course it’s us, the taxpayers who ultimately pay those fines.

Then one of Holm’s deputy prosecuting attorneys was picked up for drunk driving.  It just happens to be the person who prosecutes drunk driving charges in Thurston County.

Then Holm’s prosecutors were slapped with a charge of “gross negligence” by Thurston County District Court Judge Sue Dubuisson when lawyers in Holm’s office failed to turn over police reports on Port of Olympia anti-war protesters.  Thus putting in jeopardy any charges against the protestors.

Holm was in danger of not even being re-elected to his current position.

And then, he decided to run against incumbent Judge Gary Tabor, one of the more conservative judges in Thurston County and a judge which is normally hard on crime and on criminals.  All Holm would say when quoted in The Olympian was that he thinks he would make a better judge than the one who’s there now.

I have no idea what’s on Holm’s mind.  All I think is that he knows he wouldn’t be re-elected as prosecuting attorney and to try a run at Superior Court might be his best political bet.

 Holm’s knows  this is going to be a Democratic year and that Democrats all around the country are going to be elected or re-elected to office.  Apparently he thinks that his background as a Democratic office holder will sweep him into his new job.

And besides, if he loses, he still has two years left to serve as Prosecuting Attorney, at which time he’ll be 70.  You can be a judge in Washington State until you’re 75.

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