More talk, less war

May 10th, 2008 by Ken

The City of Olympia, the Port of Olympia and The Evergreen State College, have agreed to open talks for the purpose of resolving the problems associated with military shipments from the Port of Olympia.   Coordinating the talks will be the Dispute Resolution Center.

A planning committee has been established to determine who to invite to the talks and to come up with a list of subjects that will be discussed during the talks.

A wide-range of people will be invited including those from the anti-war community, representative of Evergreen, members of the Olympia Port Advisory Council and maybe even some members of the military.  The exact make-up of the group is still being debated.

I’m not certain what, if anything will come of such talks.  It depends on whether or not the rhetoric can be toned down.  The Dispute Resolution Center has a good reputation for being able to bring sides together, perhaps they can do it this time.   There’s nothing wrong with talking.

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