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April 21st, 2008 by Ken

The Washington State Legislature approved some $50 million in taxpayer money to work on flood relief in Thurston, Lewis and Grays Harbor counties and to develop a flood control plan for the area.

In the process, they also created a new government agency – – the Chehalis River Basin Flood Control Authority, which will determine how the money is spent, and – – get this – – have the ability to levy additional taxes for future operations and maintenance.

It’s laudable that the three counties, several cities and the Chehalis Indian Tribe have agreed to work cooperatively; but it’s frightening when you consider that a new government agency is being created.

This new Flood Control Authority will have to have staff, have to have an administrator and have to have an office.  That means that a significant amount of the money will be siphoned off before it can ever reach those who actually need it.

When Southwest Washington was hit last December with the floods and hurricane strength winds, the people of Washington responded.  Thousands of volunteers, led by religious groups and service clubs, pitched in to help.  They raised untold amounts of money to assist with the relief effort, and many of them are still active today.

They know how the money should be spent.  If state government really wanted to help, they would channel this $50 million through the private volunteer groups which know what still needs to be done and know how to do it.

Money for flood control planning can be distributed through the various city and county governments, who can then create a an Intergovernmental Regional agreement to spend the money without creating a new government agency.

We don’t need another government agency with taxing power.   Remember this – – government never has enough money.

Thank goodness the new authority has to be approved by the voters in November.  I’ll be  the first to write the voters pamphlet statement against.

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